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Entertainment is our second biggest export, but jobs must stay in the USA to ensure a strong economy.  International treaties need to be enforced, keeping jobs at home, and ensuring a continued thriving entertainment industry in California.  Embracing the fusion of new technology with traditional entertainment industries, is the way to foster growth and innovation.  Changing business models cannot be ignored.  A vibrant future is dependent on cooperation between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, which must include respect for copyright, while ensuring liberty, first amendment rights and freedom, so as to allow new internet entrepreneurs to flourish, while keeping traditional industries strong.

To help restore jobs to California farmers we need to turn the water back on in the Central Valley where it has been turned off for years, due to an overzealous environmental lobby in Washington.  Jobs and people are more important to protect than a two inch fish, which arguably might not be effected and is not even indigenous to the habitat.


Obama expanded the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and embarked on several new wars:  Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iran, where will it end?  Besides the obvious unconstitutionality of preemptive war, we simply cannot afford to keep spending our tax dollars on endless wars.  We must return to the values enshrined in the Constitution, and embrace a non interventionist foreign policy.  End the wars to end the debt.


Would you run up your credit cards giving money to charity if you couldn’t afford to pay your bills at the end of the month? Of course not, but this is essentially what Congress does every year.  The US gives away billions in foreign aid annually, and the top recipients are all first world nations.  As our internal infrastructure collapses, and the national debt balloons, Congress continues to authorize foreign giveaways of money we don’t have to begin with! The Kerry-Lugar bill authorized 1.5 billion a year for 5 years to Pakistan, just one of several nations hostile to the US, we shower with our aid dollars.


Crony Capitalism must end!  Congress is mired in money from Wall Street.  Where did the money to fund the 2007-2008 bailout come from? It was created through an accounting entry by the Federal Reserve, a private banking cartel, and the American people now own the debt, and the interest this debt incurs.  Crony capitalism is not true capitalism, but corporate socialism.  Auditing the Federal Reserve is a good first step, but to free ourselves from the grip of the international banking cartel, the long term solution is to reverse the process of currency issue as our constitution mandates. Rather than the banks lending currency (they create) to the government at interest, the government through a totally transparent process, should lend the currency at a small origination fee, to the banks. The generated interest would pay for legitimate government expenses. There would, therefore, be no need for income tax, no government debt, and no inflation. This is how it is supposed to work according to our constitution, where it states in Article 1, Section 8, “Congress shall have the power: To coin money, regulate the value thereof”.